14-year-old records teacher saying Kobe is “horrible person” and a “rapist”

A teenage student in Los Angeles filmed a teacher claiming fallen NBA player Kobe Bryant was foolish for taking a helicopter, referring to the athlete as a “rapist.”

The teacher, believed to be James A. Garfield High School band teacher Brian Bailey, was filmed by a 14-year-old as he went on a tirade about Bryant, claiming the man was a sexual predator and that he should have driven to his destination.

“How much traffic is there on Sunday mornings in LA?” he asked. “Is there any traffic on the freeways? Is there any reason on God’s green earth you need to take a helicopter? It’s a 40 mile drive. From the time it takes you to drive to an airport to drive to another airport and get in a car, that’s 40 minutes also.

Anyone knows that flying in a helicopter is the most dangerous thing in the world. By being selfish and by not being able to wait and all that stuff, he killed his family.”

The teacher also claimed Bryant “raped a girl and got away with it” due to his “money and power.”

“People don’t want to talk about that kind of
stuff, and I will,” he said. “He cheated on his wife, he raped a young girl, he was a selfish bastard.”

According to the Daily Mail, the school has been made aware of the issue and has since asked people to be more sensitive to the issue.

The high school counselling staff have been prepared to deal with the issue, should any crisis arise.

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