19-year-old defends herself after listing the 156 men she’s slept with


A nineteen-year-old OnlyFans provider is learning the concept of value depreciation the hard way after she was roasted online for having slept with over 156 men.

Known as “BabysitterHomeAlone” (or “BHA” for the purposes of this article), the OnlyFans “model” claims she began making content at eighteen and has accrued a long list of men who know her intimately.

Chiming in on the “body count” trend, which feminists have started in an effort to normalize the idea of having slept with many people, BHA’s body count only starts from when she opened an OF account.

“I could have said my body count was 156, I could have said that, but I didn’t. I said three,” she said on TikTok. “Three million men in the world but I’m ‘dirty and undateable’ for sleeping with 100+ men.”

It should be noted that there are more than three million men in the global population.

BHA even noted that she may not be the most honest person when it comes to disclosing information to sexual partners.

“When he wants to take your virginity, you always say it’s your first time and actually have 156 bodies,” she said.


It goes without saying that the internet was pretty hard on her.

“Who even asks for that anymore? We are supposed to keep track?” one netizen said.

“No thanks, I’m happy with two,” chimed another. “156 is massively unhealthy and excessive, is this even enjoyable for you?”

“Dirty like a public toilet,” a third added.

One person did the math and noted that the body count could fill three school buses.

According to the Daily Star, BHA is willing to offer her boyfriend $10,000 to stay with her.

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