Activist harassing people for fishing on Father’s Day gets put in her place in epic fashion

A young California woman is going viral after being filmed harassing people who were fishing from a pier in San Diego on Father’s Day.

However, what made the video particularly good is one man’s response to her perplexing protest, which his friend filmed. The man’s name is apparently Chris.

Person filming: “Go off, Chris”

Chris: “How bout I came to something you were enjoying and I harassed you?”

Actvist: “If I was acting violently against another being…”

Chris: “This isn’t violent, it’s a recreational sport, are you that dumb-witted to know that?”

Activist: “You killing somebody else is not a sport.”

Chris: “How do you even know that we’re killing? How many people out here are catching and releasing??”

The back and forth continues with the young woman struggling to make a coherent point. At one point, a young man she is with attempts to interject, to which Chris sternly shuts down.

As of this writing, the post had over 195,00 views and over 1,000 comments, mostly praising Chris and either ridiculing or condemning the actions of the activist.

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