Actress from “Mythbusters” accuses a man of “mansplaining” after he asked her if she was a mechanic

Kari Byron/Twitter

A former cast member of “Mythbusters” is speaking out against men, after someone confused her for a mechanic.

Kari Byron, who previously was on “MythBusters” before hosting the series “Crash Test World,” claims she was confused for a mechanic because she was wearing coveralls.

“A man just stopped me to ask if I’m a car mechanic. My first thought was “oh no does he need jumper cables?” she tweeted on Tuesday. “Then I realized it’s because I’m wearing my coveralls. I said, ‘No, these are my eatin’ pants, can’t fit in my skinny jeans no more’. #mansplaining #nofilter.”

Byron caught criticism for the comment, as many felt “mansplaining” was a bit of a reach.

“Not sure how this is mansplaining. Probably thought it was great seeing a chick being into automotive work as women are probably under-represented in the field,” wrote user Votality.

“So a guy doesn’t do anything wrong just asks a question and laughs at your joke,” added another user, “And all of a sudden it’s mansplaining?”

Another noted that in the past, such a tweet would be beneath the host.

“Or maybe… he took an opportunity to strike up a conversation with a pretty girl and laughed when you returned a joke for his,” tweeted user CodeNameBongo. “But no, it had to be because he was disapproving of a woman wearing clothes he didn’t think she belonged to the profession of. What happened to you?”

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