Adult actress says Bumble is discriminating against her for being a sex worker despite ‘not violating the terms of use’

A pornographic actress in California was allegedly “shadowbanned” from the female-centric dating app known as Bumble- and the pornstar believes that she is being discriminated against.

Bunny Colby, who has acted in dozens of porn films and earned a number of AVN Award nominations, was reportedly on the app in hopes of finding a soulmate.

The adult star reportedly got kicked off for engaging in “commercial activity,” likely due to the inclusion of her Instagram handle.

“My profile was very tame,” Colby told the Daily Beast. “Obviously, what I do for a living is ‘controversial’ for some people, but everything else about my life is very boring. I just pay my taxes and stay at home with my cats and read. My profile just said, ‘I like cats, blah blah.’ And then I had my Instagram handle in it, @BunnyColby, and it wasn’t even hyperlinked—just the text. And Instagram is a very PG app, so I don’t have anything too racy on there either.”

According to the Daily Mail, Colby claimed that males seemingly had no issues with Instagram handles in their accounts, and she suspected being “shadowbanned” when she noticed she wasn’t getting any traction.

“It became very clear that I was shadowbanned on it,” she stated. “I don’t want to sound full of myself, but if you’re on the app for a couple of hours, you’re gonna have a couple of likes and a match or two—no matter what you look like. But I didn’t have a single one, so it was clear that my profile wasn’t being shown to people.”

Bumble encouraged Colby to pay for a profile boost, and added that commercial use of the app is prohibited.

Since then, Colby has maintained that she was simply looking for a long-term relationship, not a partner for filming.

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