Antifa bomber reportedly identified by vest his grandma bought him

An Antifa rioter who has reportedly caused quite a bit of trouble in Portland, Oregon, was identified and made known to law enforcement- all because his grandma bought him a “protective vest” and reviewed it online.

In what has been described as “the most embarrassing defeat of Antifa yet,” a rioter who has been accused of deploying incendiary devices and shielding a naked protester was unintentionally outed by his own grandmother.

The individual, dubbed “Simpothy McVeigh” (a play on the word “simp” and the Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh) by a group of investigators belonging to a certain message board, was initially mocked for being the selfless “shield” of the now-infamous “Naked Athena” of Portland, who spread her legs in front of a crowd control line of law enforcement officers and made front-page news.

Upon review of other videos, however, it was revealed that “McVeigh” was also responsible for other acts of violence, including throwing explosive devices and assaulting a federal courthouse with federal law enforcement inside.

Doing what they have done in the past, the members of the message board immediately got to work, utilizing every little detail in order to identify the young man, from his shoes to his faux ballistic vest.

Video posted to Twitter by journalist Ian Miles Cheong also caught “McVeigh” catching glances of the “Athena’s” body, as well as making a few ill-placed hand swipes as he attempted to keep her away from tear gas, pepper balls and taser prongs.

Ultimately, the Hudson Men’s Icons Reflective Vest -which provides no ballistic protection and cannot be fitted with armor- is what betrayed “McVeigh,” along with his affinity for expensive clothes and identifying pins.

The vest was identified on the Hibbett Sports website, complete with a review from an individual who claims she bought it for her grandson

“I got this for my grandson who’s a protestor downtown, he uses it every night and says it’s done the job,” the review read, showing a photo of the young man wearing the vest.

After more information -such as a possible name and address- was compiled, the information was reportedly forwarded to the FBI, as the board members felt the Portland Police were unable to impartially deal with the matter.

“So I directed the FBI agent to [the board],” one user said. “Gave her the names of all the research threads. Could barely keep from laughing saying ‘Simpothy McVeigh.’”

It is unknown if any action will be taken.

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