Antifa ‘model’ arrested for the fifth time at violent protest in Portland

Simona Andrea Arteaga (Facebook)

A serial-rioter aligned with Antifa and known for being a “model” on Instagram has been arrested for the fifth time in Portland, Oregon, racking up felony charges that -if her past arrests are any indication- are unlikely to see a courtroom.

Simona Andrea Arteaga, a 40-year-old model from Portland aligned with far-left ideological group Antifa, was arrested along with Alabama resident Olivia Morgan Massey.

The duo were charged with felony assault, resisting arrest, interfering with an officer and other crimes.

The arrests were made in the opening hours of June 30, when police were dispatched to a local apartment complex in response to four emergency calls for assistance.

While police had initially responded, nobody needing help could be located. On the second time, however, they found themselves being confronted by an anti-police group, who issued threats to the lawmen.

According to the Post Millennial, Arteaga, a self-described model and “Afro-Indigenous anarchist,” called one of the officers a “race traitor” and stated he “betrayed all persons of color.”

“Our Indigenous bloc said get the f*** out on stolen land!” she shouted, pushing the “stolen native land” narrative.

At one point during the encounter, anti-police forces caused a police cruiser to crash, damaged another vehicle, and assaulted officers.

Until she was eventually brought down, Arteaga continued to be hostile, constantly projecting hostility towards the officers and hurling insults.

“We’re not civilized like you great white folk, right?” Arteaga shouted.

The incident came to a head when Arteaga confused the “P” logo (representing the local police union and approved for wear) on a black officer’s hat for the Proud Boys logo.

Incensed, she and another female member of the group attacked the lawman.

“You’re serving the white man who enslaved our f—ing people!” the second woman said.

Arteaga was taken down in a scuffle, booked and charged with felony assault of a public safety officer, two counts of interfering with a peace officer, resisting arrest and second-degree disorderly conduct. She was quickly released without bail.

The arrest is an example of the problems associated with the “catch and release” situation in many American cities, particularly the West Coast.

While those involved in the Capitol incident of January 6 continue to languish in detention centers, many repeat offenders from the 2020 riots across the country -who had their charges dropped- are continuing to cause trouble, only to find themselves being released without bail or their charges being dropped by local district attorneys.

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