Arizona couple forced day laborer to have sex with the woman at gunpoint

A Phoenix man was held at gunpoint by a married couple and forced to have sex with the female suspect- and the two responsible for the incident are in police custody.

On April 8, Phoenix Police responded to a call from a male day laborer, who claimed he had been sexually assaulted by a couple in the western part of the city.

The day laborer claimed that Brenda Acuna Aguero had picked him up, claiming that her husband needed help with some construction and home improvement works.

According to ABC15, the two arrived at the house, where the laborer was then told that it was Aguero’s fantasy to have sex with a day laborer. At first, the laborer thought it was a joke, but later realized the severity of the situation and declined any further sexual advances.

That is, however, until Aguero’s husband, Jorge Francisco Valenzuela, entered the room, pointed a rifle at the laborer’s chest and told him he would have sex- or die.

Stuck between death by rifle or “death by snu snu,” as the TV show Futurama would put it, the laborer chose the latter, and was filmed doing the deed in various positions.

Eventually, the victim was released and went to the police, who arrested the couple. When pressed for a confession, the duo admitted that this was not the first time.

Both are being held on a $250,000 for sexual assault.

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