Armed man filmed approaching basketball court before opening fire on crowd

Hard-hitting footage out of Ohio will make you say “Holy Toledo,” after the cameraman sustains a gunshot wound.

The incident, which took place at a Toledo basketball court on Monday afternoon, involved a gunman attacking a group of locals- sending people scrambling for safety.

The gunman, a black male who was shirtless and appeared to be wearing some kind of shower cap, approached the court with a rifle locked against his hip, causing bystanders to scream and flee.

Shots rang out, followed by what the New York Post believe to be a counter-volley by someone possibly trying to stop the attacker.

In the midst of the recording, the camera man -identified as Jermaine Brown- suddenly slumped to the ground, screaming that he had been shot.

“I don’t wanna die, bro … get me to the hospital, please,” he begged bystanders, who helped him into a car.

Brown is reported to be in “critical but stable condition after sustaining at least one gunshot wound.

The incident, despite getting plenty of traction on Twitter, was not as widely covered by the mainstream media outlets.

Predictably, Black Lives Matter protester and Toledo City Council Julian Mack seemed to point a finger at the Toledo Police Department, apparently insinuating that their expenditures and policies led to the incident.

“Arguments in a park in #Toledo shouldn’t be leading to life & death situations,” he tweeted. “We deserve safe parks & recreation free from violence.  We must realize that @ToledoPolice spending over 84 million of our tax dollars doesn’t prevent harm, it creates a greater response to harm.”

Others in the extended Twitter conversation demanded gun control, with some suggesting buyback programs and making it illegal to have firearms in public.

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