ATF agent caught creating a ‘registry’ of gun owners at veteran-owned gun store

Source: Instagram

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is once again getting media attention for doing something they are not allowed to do, and the act in question has been caught on film.

Black Metal Firearms, which is based in Mesa, Arizona, was the scene of some peculiar actions by an ATF agent, who had come in to conduct a Federal Firearms License audit.

Agent Pamela Scott was filmed as she used her personal cellular device to photograph pages of the firearms acquisition and disposition (A&D) books that BMF had, all while her other cellular device sat on the table.

For those that do not know, A&Ds contain a list of information on stock, sales, and transfers of firearms through the FFL, including the firearm’s make, model, serial number, and other pertinent data.

“Here she is,” one of BMF’s owners began in the video posted to the company’s Instagram page. “Taking photocopies of every page of my A&D book with all of my customer data on it… With her personal cell phone.”

Contrary to a misunderstood belief that all guns are “registered” to an individual upon completing an ATF Form 4473, federal law prohibits a firearms registry. With the exception of eight states, there is no firearms registry (exceptions apply to heavily-restricted suppressors, firearms, and other weapons under the National Firearms Act).

In 1986, Congress passed the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act. The law prohibits “any system of registration of firearms, firearms owners, or firearms transactions or dispositions” on the federal level.

Registry of firearms defeats the intended purpose of the Second Amendment in the US Constitution, as it would be counterproductive for the most likely source of potential tyranny to know who has what and where.

This has not stopped the ATF in the past from reportedly attempting to create a “secret registry,” despite the fact that it is illegal.

According to the Daily Mail, the ATF -under the Biden Administration’s leadership- was found to have processed tens of millions of digital copies of 4473s from FFLs going out of business, in what many civil rights activists considered to be the construction of a secret registry, which is digitally stored in West Virginia.

In February of 2022, USA Today attempted to “fact check” the information, but provided little in terms of actual clarity to context and even utilized purely political terms such as “assault weapons.” The sources cited were mostly college professors and ATF officials.

After twenty years, FFLs are permitted to destroy Form 4473s.

Black Metal Firearms, was founded by two Iraq War veterans. The business is reportedly in danger of losing its licenses due to “minor irregularities” in records, which are being more aggressively sought out by the ATF.

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