Attorneys for Kyle Rittenhouse release new video footage to show self defense on fatal night

New footage has been released, related to the Kenosha, Wisconsin incident where 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse shooting three assailants as he attempted to flee an angry mob.

The video, which was disseminated by Rittenhouse’s attorneys and picked up by global news networks, shows that Rittenhouse was being cornered by the angry mob when another shooter from within the mob opened fire.

The shooter has been identified as 44-year-old Alexander Blaine, an amateur porn actor and Sin City Disciples Gang Member.

The shooting resulted in Joseph Rosenbaum, a convicted child molester who had been chasing Rittenhouse, being fatally shot by the young man.

At the time Rosenbaum had apparently been committing arson.

Despite members of the crowd calling out for Rittenhouse to be shot in the head, the young man ran towards the police defensive line, even telling one cameraman that he needed to inform law enforcement as to what had occurred.

“I’m going to get the police,” he said.

It was then that Rittenhouse was struck in the head, causing him to fall to the ground. Shortly after, he was attacked by Anthony Huber, a 26-year-old convicted domestic abuser who began striking Rittenhouse in the head with the sharp edge of his skateboard while trying to take the young man’s AR-15.

Rittenhouse opened fire on Huber during the struggle, killing him with a single shot to the chest.

As Huber fell, a third individual -identified as 27-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz – approached Rittenhouse with a handgun, feigning non-aggression before taking aim with his pistol after he had closed distance.

Grosskreutz was shot in the bicep, but would ultimately survive- and be paraded as a victim on cable news networks.

In a conversation with friend Jacob Marshall at the hospital, Grosskreutz reportedly claimed he regretted not killing Rittenhouse, and wished that he had not hesitated prior to attempting to “empty the entire [magazine]” into the teen.

Rittenhouse, still being approached by other rioters, takes up a defensive posture and breaks contact.

“US media was quick to label Kyle Rittenhouse as a far-right radical, a vigilante, a militia member and a white supremacist,” the narrator said in the video. “To date, no evidence has materialized to validate any such claim.”

The video, which has been posted by the #FightBack channel set up by Rittenhouse’s attorneys, has received considerable traffic since its September 22 posting date, including footage being shared across Twitter, Fox News and even European outlets such as the UK’s Daily Mail.

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