Aussie influencer quits Instagram after being mocked for wearing US flag bikini on Australia Day

Update: The Austrialian influencer who went by Jessica Sanders has apparently taken down her page which had over 200,000 followers just a day after being trolled for wearing an American Flag bikini on Australia Day.


An Instagram model Down Under was criticized for wearing an American Flag bikini on Australia Day, drawing ire from her countrymen. 

Influencer Jessica Sanders, who has around 200,000 followers, was spotted lounging by the pool in a stars-and-stripes bikini when the usual outfit of the day is something bearing the southern cross and Union Jack.

Some users of the Instagram app questioned the girls patriotism, whole others went further to wonder if she knew the difference between the two flags.

“I’m not stupid, of course I do,” she wrote in response to such a question. “Do you write this on everyone’s pic who isn’t wearing the Aussie flag on Australia Day? Or just to be a b***h. Go away.”

According to the British tabloid Daily Mail, the photo was eventually deleted.

Australia has been struggling with its identity of late, as many call for Australia Day to be canceled due to its “problematic” celebration of when Europeans began colonizing the continent. 

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