Australia’s ‘Sugarbabies’ talk about what it’s like to be with older men who pay them

A young woman in Australia took to the presses to justify why she dates older men- and it isn’t about the love.

The 24-year-old Sheila, who goes by the name “Alex,” told Australian Channel 9 that she and he and her sugar daddy -identified only as Bob- have a relationship with lackluster sex but lots of financial benefits.

“Even if the sex isn’t great, I’ve got money out of it at the end of the day,” Alex said of the arraignment.

Bob, who is twice divorced, doesn’t seem bothered to “part with his money in exchange for honey.”

“It’s not a charity,” he said. “For a woman to find a guy who’s going to be extremely generous, without expecting sex in return, I would have thought is more the exception than the norm.”

Bob is old enough to be Alex’s granddad, walks with a cane and has been divorced twice.

The interview was part of Channel 9’s 60 Minutes program, which explored “sugar baby” websites geared towards young women and the older men willing to pay for their affection.

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