Belgian sports journalist gets in big trouble over comment about weather and reporter’s appearance

A Belgian sports journalist has caused major controversy after pointing out a young female reporter’s slightly awkward and revealing appearance during a brief question-and-answer session.

Sven Spoormakers posted the photo of Belen Mendiguren to social media, showing the reporter speaking to a cyclist while wearing a very low-cut top seemingly without a bra- a combination that left little to the imagination.

“Is it cold in Argentina?” the caption read.

The Belgian sports journalist was soon torn asunder on the internet by fellow journalists, who accused him of objectifying Mendiguren.

“Speaking from experience, let me say she does the exact same job as you but has to work and withstand twice as much still because of b******t like this,” replied Aussie journalist Sophie Smith.

Spoormakers initially tried to accuse Smith of drawing the “feminist card,” explaining that Mendiguren’s attire was not very professional.

“She knows exactly what she’s wearing -or not wearing- and why,” he responded. “If I would interview a female athlete with my balls out, you’d be joking about it too.”

According to the Daily Mail, Spoormakers was eventually bombarded to the point where he effectively apologized for his remarks.

“What was meant to be a funny remark turned out to be offensive to a lot of people,” he replied. “That was bad judgement. Sorry.”

Mendiguren wasted no time thanking Smith.

“Thank you Sophie, it’s gonna take time, but I really hope men will finally understand that this kind of comments are a complex gender issue,” she wrote. “We live with this kind of gender violence since we are born. I invite everyone to ask your closest female friends about it as a first step.”

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