Belle Delphine tells Logan Paul she’s making hardcore videos, earning her $1 million a month

The British gamer and online personality known for selling her own bathwater to desperate men is coming out about her breaking into the porn industry.

Belle Delphine, the pink-haired online personality known for embracing the lolita look and making money from lonely gamers, has recently begun doing hardcore porn with her boyfriend- and she’s raking in a lot of money.

Screenshot from video below

Despite the strain it has caused for her family, Delphine has continued to create more extreme content, including a hardcore holiday porn film.

In an interview with polarizing YouTuber Logan Paul on his podcast, Delphine stated that there was very little that is “off-limits” to her.

“Well, as you know I have been doing my OnlyFans for quite a while,” she told Paul. “It’s all fun; it’s all interesting, all good, but it kind of — I’m getting a bit bored. I like doing everything. I like dipping my toe in every single thing. I’ve always kind of been sexually explorative. I’ve done quite a few things in my personal life; I feel like I kind of want to try everything.”

That said, doing porn with her boyfriend is taking a toll.

“Doing this kind of work as it is is quite stressful on a relationship,” she said. “Because this is such a personal job. And being naked so much in front of your partner kind of takes a lot of the sexual element out of it. Because it can’t be sexual every single time.”

Currently, Delphine says she is making around $1 million a month from her subscription content, which costs subscribers around $35 a month.

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