Biden touching kids compilation looks like a trailer to a horror movie

Talks about former Vice President Joe Biden running for the Democratic Presidential candidate spot may be the reason more “Creepy Uncle Joe” content has surfaced, but politics aside, some of the footage is just downright scary.

The compilation of Joe Biden’s questionable interaction was put together by a group called “The Latino Awakening. Latinos exiting the Liberal Left!” and set to horror film-type music.

The video was posted on social media yesterday and has been viewed almost 400k times.

Despite accusations of misconduct with women in the public spotlight -which were made years after the incidents- the wife of former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, who was famously nuzzled by former Vice President Joe Biden, came to his defense.

Stephanie Carter claimed the 76-year-old Vice President was simply offering “support” during her husband’s 2015 swearing-in ceremony.

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