Black man is beat, called n-word by Antifa, BLM supporters during an unprovoked attack in San Francisco

Violence erupted in San Francisco over the weekend, when Antifa and BLM activists engaged in melee combat with Conservatives protesting censorship.

The incident took place during an anti-censorship protest orchestrated by Team Save America, a conservative group who took issue with Twitter’s censorship of the New York Post’s coverage of the Hunter Biden email scandal.

In an odd response to the protests, hundreds of left-leaning counter-protesters showed up to denounce those protesting against internet censorship, including many affiliated with the Black Live Matter movement and Antifa.

Other participants included members of the 161 Crew, a militant left-wing organization.

Only in its early stages, the anti-censorship protest was quickly called off after the counter-protesters arrived, as violent clashes began to erupt and caused a safety issue.

Within minutes of the clashes, several individuals -predominantly those from the protesting side and law enforcement dispatched to keep the peace- were left injured as the counter-protest crowd surged.

Rally organizer Philip Anderson, who only spoke for a short time, was seriously injured in the incident after he had his front teeth knocked out.

Anderson stated that as the protesters fell back behind a police barricade line for protection, the black-clad counter-protesters continued to follow them, attacking many protesters from behind.

Despite being injured, Anderson continued to speak, undaunted by the violent attacks.

“You knocked my tooth out, but you’re saying ‘black lives matter,’” said Anderson, who just so happens to be black. “I love America and I love this country, but I want free speech.”

Another individual aligned with the protest was also seen on the ground as agitators knocked him down and poured a drink on him.

According to the Daily Mail, police and agitators sprayed each other with pepper spray, and three officers were reported injured.

No arrests were made.

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