Boy hospitalized after being beaten on bus for wearing Trump 2020 shirt

A teenage boy in Florida was left with severe head injuries by five other kids while riding a bus to school, all because he had worn a “Trump 2020” hat a few days prior.

The incident took place late last month in Hamilton County, Florida, and took place on the school bus as they were being transported to their destination.

The victim, identified only as Tyler, had previously purchased a Trump 2020 hat with his own money, and that he had only worn it a few times before he found himself the target of extreme bullying.

“He was proud to wear it. He wore it to School, but due to immediate bullying he put it away & didn’t wear it to school again, sadly the damage was already done & [he] was now a target,” his mother wrote. “From that point on he was steadily getting messed with. He was getting hit, tripped & verbally abused on the bus, but it all came to a head yesterday on his bus ride home.”

According to the Daily Mail, things came to a head when three girls and two boys savagely attacked him on the bus, striking his head and causing brain injuries.

Screeching loudly, the kids began pounding their fists against Tyler’s head as they surrounded and pounced him, beating him into submission.

The incident was recorded via camera phone.

Tyler’s mother -who noted that her son was white and that the aggressors were black- believes that the attack was racially motivated and should be considered a hate crime.

“Plain and simple this was a hate crime and attempted murder according to the state of Florida since it was over three kids that jumped him and these kids are older and larger,” she said.

The police and school district were contacted shortly after the attack, and the kids who carried the assault out have been suspended.

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