British journalist gets roasted for mistaking BB guns at Walmart for the real thing, while scolding Americans

A British journalist is being dragged by his American cousins after he expressed his disgust over the fact that BB guns were being sold at Walmart, mistakenly thinking they were real guns.

When BBC and Guardian veteran writer Padraig Belton arrived in the United States on the 25th of April, he was surprised to find that he not only did not have a UK-specific adapter for his laptop, but that Walmart didn’t have one either.

However, his disappointment soon turned to classic British overreaction when he saw airguns being sold in the sporting goods section.

“Hi from America. Where Walmart doesn’t have a plug adapter for my UK laptop. But on the other hand, I can buy a rifle and ammunition,” he tweeted.

While the “rifles” were simply the kind of Daisy and Crosman-branded air rifles the average American boy would receive as a Christmas gift in his formative years, the sight was troubling for Belton.

Ironically, Belton has covered global conflicts in the past, and one would assume that he would know the difference between an air rifle and the “real steel” variant.

Needless to say, Americans pounced on him in the comments, sending him straight into the ratio pit.

“Did you actually think you could buy a real gun for $28?” Federalist founder Sean Davis replied.

The Daily Wire’s Ian Haworth posted a link showing that the missing adaptor was not only available at Walmart [albeit online], but that air rifles were not banned in the UK.

“These are air rifles, which are legal in the United Kingdom,” he replied.

According to the Daily Mail, Belton was offered the suggestion of going to the nearest Apple Store for a plug.

While firearms are sold in select Walmarts, what many feel to be attempts to appease gun control advocates in recent years have resulted in Walmart’s inventory being limited to classic rifles and shotguns. Modern Sporting Rifles, handguns and even select ammunition [ranging from pistol ammo to 5.56mm rifle ammunition] have long been pulled from the shelves.

A background check is required to purchase what firearms are available, and many stores impose waiting periods, regardless of state law.

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