Bumble Bee Tuna’s tongue-in-cheek response to protesters throwing cans at police officers is trending

Tuna canning company Bumble Bee is distancing themselves from a statement made by the President of the United States concerning the use of their product by rioters.

The comments come after President Donald Trump noted that the cans -mentioned by brand name- were being delivered to rioters as “food” but were being thrown as projectiles.

They go out and buy tuna fish and soup…they throw it,” Trump said at a rally in Pennsylvania. “It’s the perfect weight, tuna fish, they can really rip it…And that hits you…Bumble Bee brand tuna…and [the cops] are not allowed to fight back…”

In response, Bumble Bee urged the public not to use tuna, particularly their tuna, as weapons.

“Eat em. Don’t throw em,” the company tweeted.

The response caused #BumbleBee to go viral on Twitter, and the PSA in question has been retweeted nearly 4,000 times.

Bumble Bee Foods was established in 1899 in Astoria, Oregon.

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