California psychiatrist allegedly killed by Playboy model after he cut her off financially

A California psychiatrist who paid rent for a Playboy model is dead-  and the model is suspected of killing him.

Doctor Tomas Burchard was found stuffed into the back of an abandoned vehicle on March 7, prompting authorities to take  Kelsey Turner into custody.

According to Burchard’s girlfriend, Judy Earp, the Nevada psychiatrist had given Earp a considerable sum of money -around $300,000- and even paid her rent due to her bad credit.

“He helped a lot of people,” Earp said. “She had this really sad story. She took the $300,000/ I’ll just leave it at that.”

At one point, the lease came to an end and Burchard paid the bunny to walk away from the apartment, though Turner stuck it out.

“He told her several months before that he was not going to continue,” Earp told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “He actually paid her money to leave.”

Turner was evicted not long after.

According to the Daily Mail, Turner’s social media profile claims she was in a relationship with Greg Hagio, who was arrested in January for strangulation and domestic battery, though all charges were dropped.

Following the discovery of his body on March 7, an autopsy revealed that Dr. Burchard had been killed by way of blunt force trauma.

An arrest warrant was issued for Turner on March 15, though she would be found in Stockton, California, almost a week later. She remains in the San Joaquin County Jail, and is awaiting extradition to Clark County, NV.

The model reportedly had financial woes and domestic issues with her boyfriend.

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