California reporter filming from home accidentally broadcasts husband in the shower

A California news reporter filming a segment about DIY beauty at home accidentally managed to squeeze a full-frontal into the shot- thanks to her husband being in the shower.

KCRA Sacramento reporter Melinda Meza was giving a report related to the coronavirus lockdown in her bathroom, presumably discussing an issue that is affecting many Americans- the inability to get a haircut.

Snipping off some of her own bangs, Meza was unaware that her husband, Mike de Lambert (or, at least we hope it was her husband), was standing naked in the shower, visible in the reflection of the wall mirror.

On full display, the man’s genitals could not be unseen.

Video and stills of the images were shared all over Twitter, with numerous individuals sharing the material.

On Meza’s Twitter page, some individuals attempted to be helpful in helping her get through the embarrassment.

“Just lock down your Twitter for now,” one user wrote. “You’re not gonna wanna see it. It’ll blow over.”

Others were not as helpful, posting stills of the image.

“Girl, your man’s d%*k belongs to us now,” wrote another.

It is unknown how KCRA 3 will publicly react to the incident, and the station has been rather silent about the matter on social media.

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