California school to take disciplinary action against teacher for quiz

A California school is investigating how a rather disparaging and politically-charged question made it onto a history quiz.

Whitney High School, located in the relatively conservative area of Rocklin, became a hotbed of criticism following a question on a history test that had very little to do with history.

Known as “Question 7” on the quiz, the 1-point question asked students to identify “a group of complete idiots,” with the acceptable options being the “KKK,” “all of Florida,” “FOX news,” and “Texans.”

According to Everything Lubbock, a screenshot of the question made its way to social media, which only made things worse for the school.

“These stories have gone in one ear and out the other,” said Jessa Krissovich, who shared the image. “It sounded unbelievable.”

One anonymous parent familiar with the school claims the teacher in question has been known to create issues due to his politics in the past and seems to be upping the ante.

“The question on the test is really blatant obviously, and that’s out there,” the parent said. “This has been the first time it has been looked at of him crossing the line.”

The teacher reportedly has an issue with conservatives and the Republican Party, the parent noted.

WHS said in a statement that “appropriate disciplinary steps will be taken.”

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