Californians riot, climb on semi-truck to celebrate LA Dodgers winning the World Series

It was the perfect storm of weird cultures: Sports fans, Californians from Los Angeles and a truck full of natural foods.

But, LA being LA, the end was shockingly predictable.

Following a World Series win by the LA Dodgers,  a riotous crowd broke out in downtown LA to celebrate, setting off fireworks and filling the streets with cheers and unruly behavior.

On any other day, these residents might be indoors looking for unmasked citizens to report to authorities, but not last night- the win by the historic baseball team was too important for concepts such as social distancing and protective wear.

As the party raged on, a truck belonging to natural foods wholesaler UNFI got caught in the foot traffic, creating a bit of an unforeseen predicament for the refrigerated vehicle.

As seen on the video posted to Reddit, the truck driver initially tried to join in the festivities, and the crowd responded in kind by climbing aboard the rig.

However, this is Los Angeles, and the truck was quickly tagged with spray paint and robbed of its contents.

The “City of Angels” has been on the decline in recent years, with rising cases of civil unrest, homelessness, and even an abundance of human feces in public spaces.

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