Canadian man goes viral after refusing airport covid test, cites charter, tells other Canadians to walk out

A Canadian man went viral after re-entering the country and refusing a COVID test.

Chris Sky, who had previously been arrested for refusing to take the test, triumphantly walked through the airport with a citation in hand on his second attempt.

“Got my bags, we’re gonna go outside and refuse their stupid test and tell everybody to refuse their stupid test,” says Sky in the clip.

When confronted by the police, Sky urged everyone in the airport who was a Canadian citizen to refuse the test.

“They cannot stop you, they cannot force you, you are a citizen, you have rights,” he said.

According to RealClearPolitics, Sky as then given a citation and sent on his way.

For Sky, this was good news- according to him, the citations are routinely thrown out in court.

YouTube video


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