Canadian Salon shut down after refusing to wax trans woman’s male private parts

A Human Rights Tribunal hearing was held in British Columbia, tackling the all-important issue of…Brazilian waxes and people who identify as transgender?

In what will be another page in the 2019 chapter of “You Can’t Make This Up,” a transgender person initiated the hearing after she was denied service by a home salon in Vancouver.

Jessica Yaniv, who was born a male and still possesses male genitalia, filed the complaint against an immigrant and person of color -identified as Marcia Da Silvia- who refused to do the intimate wax job. Yaniv claimed Da Silvia was a “Nazi.” She went on further to claim that she had a right to receive the advertised wax service and that if the tribunal ruled against her it could lead to a “dangerous” precedent.

According to the Toronto Sun, tribunal adjudicator Devyn Cousineau had to interject frequently in the hearing, as the two parties became hostile and chaotic.

Da Silva said she was not comfortable carrying out a Brazilian wax on a person with male genitalia, and lacked training on how to do so safely.

Jay Cameron, Da Silva’s lawyer, accused Yaniv of making fabrications and told the hearing that a ruling against his client would be akin to demanding someone provide “intimate services” against the provider’s will.

A digital marketer and LGTBQ activist, Yaniv is no stranger to the human rights commission, having filed several complaints in the past.

Da Silva, who has no issues with the LGBTQ community, claims she was frightened after Yaniv inundated her with messages when Da Silva politely refused to serve her.

“For my safety, I said, ‘No,’” she testified.

The woman would later shut down her salon business after encountering Yaniv, who has apparently targeted other estheticians in the past.

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