Canadian woman says lingerie pics posted on social media are ‘not an invitation’ to comment

A Canadian mother who posted photos of herself in lingerie after losing 112 pounds has hit back against comments by men who either sent perverted comments or found her “gross.”

34-year-old Sarah Nicole Landry, who began her weight loss journey several years ago, took the racy photos in hopes that it would empower other women.

With over 779,000 followers on Instagram, Landry soon found herself the subject of both perversion and derision.

“If my bare feet are showing in flip flops, I’ll get messages about how much somebody wants to do certain things to them,” she said. “My own foot can’t exist in this world without someone telling me what they want to do to it. I shouldn’t have to wear socks every day so a man doesn’t comment on my feet.”

According to the Daily Mail, other men thought that her stretch marks and loose skin -side effects of weight loss- were “gross.”

Eventually, she came up with a caption for all her photos: “Not An Invitation.”

“When I share my stretch marks or cellulite, it often comes with the word ‘still’ – ‘I would still f*** that’ or ‘I would still bang that,’” she said.

She would later discover, through accounts from other women, that they too receive unsolicited and improper comments from men as they documented their lives, be it pregnancy or breastfeeding.

“It’s such a shame this is still happening in 2019,” she said.

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