Canadian writer makes it a point to not tell other men that she is married

A Canadian writer makes it a point to avoid telling men she is married- and now she is explaining why.

Nova Scotia resident Lauren Messervey claims that men will stop talking to her if she mentions that she’s married, and that by doing so, she’s pushing the “patriarchal idea that a married woman is only to be respected by virtue of her husband’s presence.”

“I started speaking to a man who I often see at the gym,” she wrote in an op-ed with the Huffington Post. “One day, he asked for my number. Innocently, I think. We were talking about how he was a nutritionist, and how I was actually looking for some tips on how to cut down on my sugar cravings. I gave it to him, said good day, and went on my merry way.”

“I purposely didn’t mention my husband during the conversation with Gym Lad, because my partner doesn’t “own” me as society would have it,” she added.

Messervey compared the mentioning of her marital status as akin to “throwing a Molotov cocktail,” adding that she feels objectified.

“It’s clear now that being a woman anywhere in any situation is an invitation to reduce us to our sexuality.”

Messervey maintains an active Instagram account, and is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post.

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