Capitol protesters report detaining violent impostors, turning them over to police

Exclusive video obtained from individuals present at the Capitol incident that took place on Wednesday appears to imply that “bad agents” with ulterior motives may have infiltrated the crowd of protesters- and incited the breach that ultimately led to the Capitol building being stormed.

The video, which was filmed by a bystander who submitted the video to this publication under the alias “Jay Hetfield,” shows a man with a bandaged head injury speaking to a crowd about what he had reportedly witnessed at the Capitol building.

According to the man in the video, several protesters affiliated to President Donald Trump had initially noticed a man using an improvised bludgeon to smash windows.

“The guys [protesters] grabbed him,” the man said, “and turned him in to the police.”

The man went on to state that the individual smashing windows seemed out of place, and did not seem to be associated with the conservatives who showed up to protest against government corruption and claims of ballot manipulation.

“He didn’t have anything ‘Trump,'” the man said when questioned about who the agitator was affiliated with. “He was dressed in all black.”

The man being interviewed stated that he was injured by one of the agitators, and that there were about “three or four of them.”

“Not the cops,” he said, when asked if the police had hit him.

A female filming the event asked the man to clarify that 3-4 people dressed in black were committing crimes amidst the protest, and that they did not appear affiliated with the others in the crowd.

“Nothing MAGA,” the man said, confirming the woman’s inquiries.

Hetfield had initially agreed to use his real name, but eventually agreed to a pseudonym, presumably due to threat of retaliation from those opposed to the protests.

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