CBS caught using footage from Italian hospital during report on New York hospitals

CBS is under fire for “fake news” after they showed footage of Italy’s “worst hit” hospital in bergam to illustrate a report about New York City’s struggles with tackling Coronavirus.

The footage was originally aired by the UK’s Sky News on March 22, with the reporter describing the images coming from “the main hospital in Bergamo in Lombardy province.”

Approximately 72 hours later, the “shocking” footage of what was called “the most hard-hit of hospitals” was used by CBS news with a chyron reading, “America’s Epicenter – New York now accounts for more than half of US cases.”

Soon, a side-by-side comparison of the footage was shared on Twitter.

“When talking about the Coronavirus outbreak in New York City, @CBSNews aired footage of a hospital in Italy,” tweeted Benny Johnson.“Especially in times of a crisis where people are already in a panic, the Media needs to give accurate information. Irresponsible.”

While CBS News would later tell the Washington Examiner that they made a mistake, the damage was already done- almost any and all tweets providing news about the Chinese-originated virus’ grip on NYC was met with backlash, criticism, and questions as to whether or not the media provided was authentic.

The incident is similar to a 2019 case, when ABC News used footage from a Kentucky “machine gun shoot” and passed it off as combat footage from the Middle East.

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