CBS News busted for staging the scene on piece about long lines to get COVID-19 testing

YouTube video

CBS News reportedly staged the attendance at a coronavirus testing site for the sake of broadcasting the footage on television, according to watchdog groups.

The claims were picked up by Project Veritas, an organization that pushes for truth in journalism.

The testing site was graced by CBS reporter Adriana Diaz, who allegedly participated in the charade at the Cherry Health Center

“We knew they were coming,” one woman can be seen saying on video. “We had no clue we would have to like, do fake patients.”

“They probably just wanted us to look busy, I guess,” a nurse said.

The damning footage furthered the now potentially-irreparable damage to CBS News’ reputation, particularly after they were caught using footage of Italian hospitals and passing it off as being filmed inside of a New York City medical facility.

Several individuals in the Project Veritas video went on to add that a few of the patients in the “long line” set up for the news staff were actual patients looking to get tested, and were kept waiting by the queue.

“We pretended,” said medical professional Alison Mauro. “There were a couple of real patients, which made it worse.”

The footage was shared to Twitter, where it amassed a large following.

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