China reassures it’s citizens that new Covid-19 anal swab testing won’t cause them to “waddle like penguins”

Authorities within the Chinese Communist Party are reportedly having to inform local citizens that the new anal COIV-19 swab does not cause you to walk like a penguin.

It is believed that a video showing people inexplicably walking like the flightless birds is cause for the commonly-held belief.

According to the Daily Mail, CCP officials at the Shijiazhuang Internet Report Centre claimed that the trending footage had been edited and doctored to spread “rumors.”

While the post admitted that Shijiazhuang medical staff used anal swabs on certain patients with lower GI-related symptoms, it would not be used for mass testing.

The officials went on to claim that patients would not feel discomfort.

“You won’t walk like penguin after anal swab coronavirus test,” wrote the CCP outlet, Global Times.

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