China to ban the infamous Beijing Bikini due to public health concerns

The longtime practice of Chinese men pulling their shirts up to their chests is now being banned in Beijing, as an effort to combat coronavirus.

Known by some as the “Beijing Bikini,” the act involves pulling one’s shirt up to expose the stomach to disperse heat during the hot summer months.

However, the practice is now a no-no in Beijing, and had been banned almost a year prior in Jinan.

According to Business Insider, other efforts have been made to combat uncivilized and unhygienic behavior, including a $28 fine for spitting or defecating in public.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the Chinese Communist Party has reported 84,325 officially confirmed cases of COVID-19 in China, though the actual number is believed to be much higher.

Beijing has also shut down gyms and swimming pools, in what has been seen as an effort to prevent a secondary infection spread.

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