China’s number of COVID-19 cases is at least 640,000 – not 82,000 – according to leaked report

Speculation that the Chinese Communist Party is hiding actual pandemic death toll numbers may be more credible than China and the United Nations World Health Organization would have you believe, according to a leaked database from a Chinese military-run university.

The People’s Liberation Army-run National University of Defense Technology database, which was leaked and shared to Foreign Policy, shows a massive map overlay with cases dotting the map in each area across the country.

There were around 640,000 rows of cases in 230 cities, all within a time span of early February to late April.

When totaled up, the figures far outmatch the dubious claims by the Chinese Communist Party, which claim that only 4,633 deaths and 82,929 cases have occurred in total.

It should be noted that the CCP has blocked American scientists from coming to China to study the virus, and that the leaked data may be a clue as to why.

According to Foreign Policy, leaked data is not being made publicly available.

Now a global pandemic, the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, though the CCP’s “Fifty Cent Army” of online posters have attempted to claim the virus was brought to the country by Americans during the 2019 World Military Games.

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