Chinese state media host claims coronavirus started at US Army’s Fort Detrick, and was spread by Americans

Chinese state-run media in the Arab world is running wild with propaganda that plays to its intended audience- by blaming the United States for the Coronavirus outbreak.

Seemingly forgetting that the western world is not subject to strict media controls, the Chinese Communist Party was caught spreading the propaganda on their China Global Television Network (CGTN), thanks to the MIddle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

CGTN has a wide-ranging audience of around 14 million viewers.

The Middle East has long been a target of China, who envies the natural resources and wishes to establish elements of control in the region. Furthermore, the CCP knows it can capitalize on anti-US sentiments that permeate the Middle East.

In an episode of China View, host “Ms. V” -who speaks impeccable Arabic- claimed that the United States had likely spread the virus during the October 2019 International Military Games.

Ms. V also went on to say that the US Army’s Fort Detrick Biological Weapons Laboratory in Maryland was the likely source, and that it was easy to cover up once the virus began to spread.

The original China View episode was uploaded on March 17, and was picked up by MEMRI almost immediately afterwards.

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