Chinese woman is buying up all the masks in Florida, claims she won’t be selling to Americans

A Chinese woman in the United States took to social media to proudly admit she was buying up all the protective masks she can find in Florida- and had no qualms with bragging about depleting the supplies for everyone else.

The woman, who posted the video to Chinese Communist Party-controlled social media app Weibo, bragged about going to bulk buy stores and buying all the 3M masks she can get her hands on, often filling up her truck.

“They still don’t know about the purchase limit on masks,” the woman laughed. “I bought all the masks, the shelves are empty, you can see my sweat …I feel like a thief.”

The woman continued to keep up her charade with English-speaking employees, despite knowing there was a purchase limit.

“People outside cities are nicer,” she said, noting that the locals in the area she was mask-hunting were unaware of limis.

Later, she can be seen with a caucasian man and child as they fill up a pickup truck and camper trailer with boxes of masks. She refers to herself as “mama,” in relation to the child, but only speaks to him in English.

“I’m so happy,” she added. “So, so happy.”

The woman explained that she frequents paint stores to procure the masks, and whenever there is more, she will procure as many boxes as she’s allowed.

At one point, she admits going to a different part of Florida 1.5 hours away from her home, just so she can take advantage of the supply lines that have not been discovered by other Chinese living in the state.

“I drove 1.5 hours in Central Florida, there are fewer Chinese here and they still don’t know about the masks.”

In the video title text, the woman’s callousness was clear:

“It feels so awesome to buy all the masks!,” she wrote “I  didn’t leave a single mask for the Americans!”

In a response to a reposting of the video on Twitter by W.B. Yeats, user Cang Long claimed the woman regularly bulk-buys in-demand items to sell at an upcharge to Chinese buyers.

“It should be noted she had videos on her Weibo page, but now deleted, where she goes to Costco every weekend, drops a few grand on items to resell at a very healthy profit to Chinese buyers and she doesn’t pay a dime in Federal or FL taxes,” he wrote. “She’s shameless.”

The woman’s confirmed identity is unknown- but sources such as claim that the culprit is 35-year-old Hexin Jiang, a resident of Hillside County, Florida.

Jiang is known to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, and was arrested for Battery Domestic Violence in 2018.

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