Colorado woman furious after not being allowed to board flight due to revealing outfit

A Colorado woman was not allowed to board a Denver-based United Airlines flight for having a revealing top, turning a late-night flight into a nightmare.

The individual, who goes by the name “Andrea Worldwide,” was pulled aside for a “dress code” issue, which included a strappy shirt, undershirt, leggings and a large scarf.

“At first I thought it was because I had a ripped ticket, but I later learned that it was because of what I was wearing,” she wrote on Facebook. “At this point, no indication was given to me as to why I had been stopped from boarding the aircraft other than a ‘dress code’ issue.”

Andrea was held at the gate for 20 minutes before a female employee told her her shirt was too revealing, and offered her a $100 travel credit.

“Up to the point of boarding, I had been allowed to check in, breezed through security (where I was asked to remove said scarf and sweater) and was also welcomed at the United Lounge,” she wrote. “Yet during the final step of my Denver airport experience-the actual flight-I had to endure being harassed by someone who decided my attire was too much of a distraction for him to do his job.”

For Andrea, $100 in flight credits can’t pay off the embarrassment she suffered.

“I was singled out for no reason whatsoever other than to be embarrassed and humiliated for how I look,” she said.

Andrea has critiqued the airline, and states that her outfit reflected her professional nature.

“I am a professional woman, who employs hundreds of other young professional women, which is why I have decided to take a stand and speak out about the unacceptable behavior of United Airlines staff,” she said.

When pressed for comment, United Airlines claimed they would reach out to Andrea to better understand what had transpired.

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