Con woman posed as Marvel executive to get compromising recordings of aspiring male actors

The so-called “Con Queen of Hollywood” allegedly posed as Marvel VP of Production Victoria Alonso in order to engage in sexually explicit phone auditions with aspiring actors.

The Con Queen is an elusive woman who has fraudulently posed as Hollywood executives since 2013, and often uses her ability to blend in with the Hollywood brass for her own financial gain.

One victim was Brandon Wengrzynek, who received an email from the Con Queen took on the identity of Sarah Finn, a well-knopwn Marvel casting director.

During the audition, the Con Queen asked Wengrzynek to act out a sex scene over the phone. Initially, he played along, but eventually backed out.

“She was absolutely convincing,” Wengrzynek said. “It just blows my mind how professional the whole thing is.”

According to the Daily Mail, the actor later learned he had been duped after he had a friend do some checking.

Another time, Alonso’s identity was used to tell a stund man had been told he might be used to replace Jeremy Renner in the “Avengers” saga.

“Disney never said: ‘We think you did this,”’ Alonso told THR. “They just said: ‘We need to corroborate that you didn’t.’”

The FBI is now investigating the matter, and is asking people who have been scammed to come forward.

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