Controversial Congresswoman falsely claimed the U.S. killed thousands of Somalis during ‘Black Hawk Down’ incident

An increasingly-unpopular Somali-American Congresswoman from Minnesota is once again in the crosshairs after she reportedly exaggerated the number of Somalis killed during Operation Gothic Serpent, the 1993 US Military operation that snowballed into the Battle of Mogadishu.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the same woman who referred to the events of 9/11 as  “some people did something,” claimed that thousands of Somalis were killed in the battle, despite reputable sources releasing much lower kill counts.

The claim was made in 2017 in a Twitter conversation about terrorist attacks in Somalia. The tweets were recently recovered by the Investigative Project on Terrorism and put in their report.

“In his selective memory, he forgets to also mention the thousands of Somalis killed by the American forces that day! #NotTodaySatan,” Omar wrote, responding to a Twitter user who mourned the death of 19 US Servicemembers killed during the battle.

Omar was born in Mogadishu and moved to the United States with her family before she eventually was elected to public office.

According to theNew York Post, retired Chief Warrant Officer Mike Durant -who was shot down during the battle and held prisoner by Somalis- spoke up against Omar.

“Our forces, being vastly outnumbered, fought to save their own lives. All the Somali militia had to do was walk away, but they persisted,” he said.

Other military personnel, such as Navy physician and American Islamic Forum for Democracy president Zuhdi Jasser, condemned Omar, claiming she did not represent Muslim Americans.

“I’m particularly offended as an American and as a Muslim that nobody is holding her accountable for these radical views that really view our soldiers as the problem rather than the solution,” he stated.

Omar has been touted as part of the “new breed” of the Democratic Party to emerge in recent elections, along with contemporaries such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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