Convicted transgender child molester charged with first-degree murder from a previous crime

James “Hannah” Tubbs

A transgender person who was convicted for molesting a child has been charged with murder from a previous crime, following new evidence in an investigation dating back to 2019.

James “Hannah” Tubbs, who began identifying as female after being arrested for molesting a young girl in a Denny’s bathroom in 2014, has since been charged with first-degree murder.

The murder charge stems from a 2019 robbery in Kern County, California, and the details of the incident are scarce.

The 2014 incident with the young girl took place while Tubbs was mere weeks away from turning 18, and involved him pinning the young girl in a bathroom stall and digitally molesting her.

Tubbs was arrested eight years after the crime and pleaded guilty to the attack last month.

Since then, Tubbs has been blessed by LA County Prosecutors, who declined to transfer the case to adult court, as the office does not allow “children” to be tried as adults.

According to FOX News, it is possible that Tubbs may serve less than six months in jail under California law, and would not be required to register as a sex offender.

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