Cuomo announces that rules RE: ‘dance zones’ at weddings will be changed to allow dancing outside of ‘dance zones’ with masks and while social distancing

Kevin Tampone

Albany, N.Y. — New York will end its rule requiring dance zones at weddings and other celebrations starting May 3.

The state’s guidance for weddings and other big parties and events that involved dancing required marked areas where people from the same tables would be allowed to dance together. Guests were not supposed to enter other zones.

The rule is ending to align with policies in neighboring states, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office. The dance zone guidance will be replaced with required social distancing and masks.

A couple dance to the music of Joe Driscoll. 40 BeLOW OUT New Year’s Eve Party at the Landmark Theatre, January 1, 2016.

Masks were already required when dancing.

Also today, Cuomo announced that larger catered events will be allowed at homes in New York starting May 3. The events will be allowed to exceed the current limits on gatherings in private homes of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors if they are staffed by a professional, licensed caterer.

The events must also be permitted by local governments and follow rules on social distancing and mask wearing.

Cuomo’s office did not say exactly how many people will be allowed at a catered event at a home.

But events at other venues are currently limited to the lesser of 75% of a space’s maximum occupancy or a maximum of 150 people indoors or 500 people outdoors. Covid-19 testing or vaccinations are required.

Cuomo announced the changes to event rules at the same time he said the state will end its mandatory curfew for bars and restaurants.

The state Legislature is also expected to vote today to repeal Cuomo’s rule requiring food purchases with all drink orders in the state.

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