DC Comics slammed for new version of Wonder Woman

DC Comics is going for broke with a “woke” new version of Wonder Woman, mixing 80’s aesthetic with an overweight physique, purple skin and “mom jeans.”

The Robin Eisenberg cover, which features a fusion of Patrick Nagel-esque 80s art and Steven Universe-like themes of normalizing obesity and odd skin tones, seems a far cry from the toned Amazonian we’ve become accustomed to for decades.

The art was heavily criticized (and subsequently suppressed) on the DCNation Twitter page, which posted the image on August 7.

“Ah yes, because someone who spent their entire life training to be a perfect warrior is going to be shaped like a pear,” wrote twitizen Raulito. “It’s honestly pathetic that companies are trying to idealize obesity for some extra [money].”

“So Wonder Woman is a middle aged mother of five?” another user replied.

Nicholas Sheppard, an opinion-editorialist who has written for Politico, The Federalist, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, and RT, was particularly blunt over the artwork.

“DC Comics have once again succumbed to agenda-driven identity politics and made a female superhero an overweight, badly-dressed frump,” he wrote. “One can only hope we are scraping the bottom of the woke barrel.”

In a recent op-ed, Sheppard did not hold back, and discussed issues that have been ailing the entertainment and comic industry.

“The image exemplifies everything the comic-book industry has succumbed to in recent years – the latest example in an ongoing trend of agenda-driven identity politics, in which classic themes of heroism and sacrifice have been superseded by themes of diversity and inclusivity and the avoidance of anything that could be interpreted as problematic,” he wrote.

Artist Robin Eisenberg, a female artist who is known for making rather erotic artwork involving women, explained her choices in an Instagram post.

“Recently I was asked to create a piece inspired by Wonder Woman, in my own style, for an upcoming one-off artist collab,” she wrote. “I love drawing aliens with realistic body types, living their lives, comfortable with themselves. So, I drew an alien character with a realistic body, wearing a more everyday version of the Wonder Woman outfit.”

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