Denmark’s new ‘sexual consent app’ allows for 24-hour revokable intimacy credentials, satisfying the new Danish laws


Denmark’s government intrusion into the bedroom has now led to a “sexual consent app,” which allows people about to “do the do” to record that they have both consented to joint acts of intimacy.

Thanks to a rape law requiring explicit consent, the iConsent app allows parties to have a 24-hour pass for sexual encounters with one another, one that can be withdrawn at any time.

Despite being rather “woke,” the app has been somewhat unpopular, with one local newspaper referring to it as being “as unsexy as another corona press conference.”

The government, however, is rather thrilledd with the fruits of their labor.

“Now it will be clear, that if both parties do no consent to sex, then it’s rape,” Denmark’s justice minister Nick Haekkerup said at the time of the law’s passing.

The iConsent app was launched in December of last year, with the consent law going into effect in January.

According to the Daily Mail, the app’s developers claim that the app gives people an “opportunity to document your consent to intercourse,” and that users can access their history in order to use any of those intimate moments for criminal investigation.


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