Did Jill Biden really receive a ‘standing ovation?’

Source: Twitter

It’s not a lie that NFL fans took notice of the First Lady’s presence at the Philadelphia Eagles game against the Dallas Cowboys but not exactly the way it was reported.

Jill Biden attended the game in her home state with many other notable attendees such as Sixers star Joel Embiid and rapper Meek Mill who were there to see the Eagles continue their winning streak.

While politics have no real home in sports, they have been widely reported on for social justice movements and the presidency when the President or First Lady is in attendance.

Jill Biden “received a standing ovation from Eagles fans,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The NFL’s own account of the ovation presents exactly what was reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer but omits other details.

But should we trust everything we read and see? Did the NFL remove the sounds of “boos” from the crowd?

Twitter users were quick to post videos of what they claimed the standing ovation really sounded like.

Numerous chants of “let’s go Brandon,” “F-Joe Biden,” and “boo” can be heard bellowing from the crowd as Jill Biden appeared on the field.

“Jill Biden booed loudly by fans at an Eagles game in Philly,” Ben Kew wrote in a Twitter post with a video from the game.

“Not only is Pennsylvania her home state, but Philadelphia is about as deep blue as it gets,” he added.

Other news outlets, such as Fox News, reported Biden was booed at the game, sourcing numerous Tweets without videos.

This video has been widely shared across Twitter but seems to have been manipulated to highlight the sounds from the crowd, seemingly why Fox News chose not to include it.

There is clear evidence that fans expressed their feelings about the Bidens, but the extent to which it occurred has not been clearly presented in all reporting.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Biden was at the game to promote the White House’s Cancer Moonshot initiative.

“Philadelphia fans are the most informed and most obnoxious fans in the world,” Biden said in May 2021.

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