Disney now becoming ‘woke,’ but refuses to allow etching of Spider-Man on toddler’s grave

A distraught Briton is feeling resentful after the Disney corporation denied the etching of Spider-Man on the grave of his deceased toddler, with the media company claiming it would tarnish the “innocence” and “magic” associated with Disney characters.

Kent resident Ollie Jones died at the age of four to a rare genetic disease, prompting his family to send him to the afterlife with a Spider-Man-themed funeral.

Ollie Jones and his father, Lloyd Jones. Credit: Facebook.

The funeral featured a horse-drawn carriage and Spider-Man-coloured balloons, but the character’s likeness was absent from the tombstone.

Bereaved father Lloyd Jones had asked the local city government for permission to decorate the stone with Spider-Man’s likeness, only for Disney to reject the forwarded request.

“I felt sure they would allow it,” he said.

According to the New York Post, despite the family’s patronage of Disneyland and love for the Marvel character, Disney claimed they wanted to distance themselves from death.

“That makes no sense to me,” Lloyd said. “Characters die in their films all the time. I think this is all about money.”

Disney claims the practice is as old as the company, dating back to the micro-managing founder, Walt Disney.

“We follow a policy that began with Walt Disney himself that does not permit the use of characters on headstones, cemetery or other memorial markers or funeral urns,” the company said in a statement.

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