Distracted woman is ran over by a cement truck while crossing the road

A distracted woman in Ukraine was run over by a cement truck and luckily survived last week.

In the capital city of Kiev, the woman was captured on CCTV camera footage attempting to cross a busy street while using her phone.

While crossing, she decided to stop right in front of a cement truck that began to move with the traffic. Due to how close she was to the front of the truck, she appeared to be in the driver’s blind spot.

As the truck moved forward in traffic, the woman was knocked over and sent under the vehicle. The footage went public on May 22nd when the local police posted the footage on their Facebook page.

Police warned the public of the dangers of using a mobile phone while crossing the road even though the woman was crossing the road illegally -outside a crosswalk.

According to the Daily Mail, she was taken to hospital with numerous injuries but her status at this time is unknown.

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