Doctor who was arrested for leaving kids in car while gambling at Florida casino was previously arrested for attacking her husband

David J. Neal

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Apr. 16—Dr. Marieny Elena Guimera-Revelo’s trip to jail last weekend, after police say the Miramar woman left her kids inside a car at Seminole Hard Rock Casino for over an hour while — among other things — playing poker, wasn’t her first arrest involving family in the past year.

Dr. Marieny Elena Guimera-Revelo was arrested for child neglect at the Hard Rock Casino and sent to Broward County Jail.

On Aug. 24, Miramar police arrested Guimera-Revelo on a charge of misdemeanor domestic battery, causing bodily harm. According to the arrest report, an argument escalated between Guimera-Revelo and her soon-to-be ex-husband.

“The argument was over money,” the arrest report states.

Police said Guimera-Revelo grabbed her husband and hit him. Authorities noted scratches on the husband’s neck as well as marks on his arm. Her husband told police this wasn’t the first time, adding that he wished to prosecute.

Guimera-Revelo filed for divorce in September, according to online Broward County court records. The Broward State Attorney’s Office decided in October not to file official charges in the battery case. The divorce became final on March 17.

The doctor is a player

An online check of Guimera-Revelo’s Florida Department of Health license shows a license one month short of six years old with no disciplinary actions. The address she lists belongs to Cano Health, 680 University Dr., in Pembroke Pines. She can provide controlled substances for treating chronic pain.

An arrest report by Seminole police says someone called an officer Sunday to the sixth floor of the Winners Way garage at the hotel and casino resort because two children had been left in an 2018 Audi Q7 SUV.

The officer wrote he arrived to find the car was still running, the doors locked and the two kids in the back seat. Guimera-Revelo’s 11-year-old daughter opened the window to speak to the officer while, he said, her 3-year-old brother remained asleep in the back seat.

The daughter knew her mother’s cell phone number. The officer said Guimera-Revelo, who had been away for an hour, didn’t answer. She eventually showed up at 3:35 p.m.

Guimera-Revelo explained that she stood in line to pick up a free giveaway after waiting in another line to replace her players card.

Guimera-Revelo did note, however, that she also decided to stop at the 3-card poker table for 12 minutes.

Video surveillance backed up her story, according to the arrest report. Relatives picked up the two children with approval from the Department of Children and Family Services.

Guimera-Revelo was arrested on two counts of child neglect and sent to Broward County Jail. Though she posted the $20,000 bond on Tuesday, Broward Magistrate Judge Tabitha Blackmon ordered her to have no contact with either of her children.


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