Driver runs motorcycle off the road after biker smashes his rear window

A Hawaiian biker got his comeuppance after he smashed the back window of an SUV along a busy highway, ending up getting knocked off the road.

The uncouth biker, who targeted the SUV in question for giving a “brake check” to ensure safe stopping gaps were adhered to, struck the SUV with a retractable trying to break the window.

“The street bike was speeding and weaving through traffic,” said Koapaka Puahala, who filmed the video while driving. “Flying between my car and another car next to me in the right lane. He comes up on the SUV and tailgates the SUV for a while. The SUV brake checked the biker a couple of times when the biker starts flipping the middle finger at the SUV driver and tries to get around them.”

According to the Daily Mail, the biker landed a few good hits on the glass, and the driver of the SUV had quite enough.

‘What you see in the video is the biker pulling up on the side of the SUV and smashing in the back window with what seems to be a retractable baton (the kind the police carry),” the cameraman added. “That’s when the driver of the SUV swerves into the biker and biker takes off.”

Unfortunately for the driver, Hawaii self-defense laws dictate that Hawaiians have a “duty to retreat” before force or self-defense can be used outside of one’s home, place of work, or vehicle.

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