During round table with vets and service members, Biden says quartermasters could run ladies’ department stores

Former Vice President and White House hopeful Joe Biden is trying to secure the presidency, and he told military personnel that he supports them.

Biden, who was attending a rally at a community college in Hillsborough County, Florida, denouncing the President of the United States in front of veterans and service members.

“Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be able to conceive the idea of selfless service, a cause that’s bigger than yourself,” he said.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Biden piggybacked off of dubious claims that President Donald Trump referred to America’s war dead as “losers.”
In doing so, Biden highlighted his late son, Beau, who also served overseas.
“He calls them ‘suckers’ and ‘losers,’” Biden said, a reference to a story in the Atlantic that quoted anonymous sources. “(Beau) is gone now. But he was no sucker.”

There are approximately 1.5 million veterans in Florida and there are about 94,000 in Hillsborough County, according to Department of Veterans Affairs population models.

A peculiar moment added to the legend of Biden gaffes, in which the former VP suddenly began carrying on into a incoherent babble about being a quartermaster.

“If you were a quartermaster, you could sure in hell take care runnin’ a, you know, a department store uh, you know, where in the second floor of the ladies department, or whatever” he said. “You know what I mean?”

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