Easter Bunny delivers savage blows to end a brawl in Florida

Florida is known for its “Florida Man” news headlines and with Orlando being the theme park mecca of Florida, a Florida Man in costume may or may not be too shocking.

On Easter Sunday, an Easter Bunny stepped in to deliver a savage beatdown in Orlando, dealing a few blows in an effort to put an end to a brawl.

Two individuals -a male and a female- were engaged in a scuffle when E.B. dropped into the action, defending the woman.

Cheered on by the crowd, the rascally rabbit delivered a few punches until the Orlando Police arrived on the scene.

“As you can see the Easter rabbit been taking boxing classes,” one man said. “S*** was hilarious.”

According to the Orlando Weekly, no one was charged in the incident.

“The officer on-scene broke up the incident and dispersed the parties involved,” OPD Sergeant David Baker said in a statement. “No arrests or reports were completed.”

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